Employment Exchange

The Employment Services department has a primary objective of providing an interface between the employers and the job seekers. It sponsors the candidates of required qualification, experience and skill set for various jobs within the shortest possible time.

The department strives to achieve its objective through the process of registration, renewal, selection and advising of eligible candidates against notified vacancies. The department renders its service through a network of department entities addressing the specific needs of the targeted beneficiaries.

In addition to paid employment emphasis is now placed on self employment schemes in tune with the change in the employment market. New Schemes are also contemplated to keep up with the changing times. Employment Department is one of the world’s largest manpower database managers.

The District Employment Office is headed by the District Employment Officer who is assisted by Employment Officer (SE), Employment Officer (VG) and Junior Superintendents. The District Employment Office is in overall charge of the District. Besides the District Office, there are 4 Taluk Employment Offices each headed by a Taluk Employment Officer. In addition to this, Employability Centre is also functioning in the District Employment Office powered by the Human Resources Unit.

Palakkad District Employment Exchange Offices

The District Employment Office is situated in Civil Station, Palakkad. It is 2 Kms away from the KSRTC Bus Station, 5 Kms away from Palakkad Junction Railway Station and 60 Kms away from the nearest Airport ie., Coimbatore AirPort.

  • Town Employment Office, Chittur is situated in Mini Civil Station, Kacherimedu, Chittur.
  • Town Employment Office, Alathur is situated in Mini Civil Station, Swathi Junction, Alathur.
  • Town Employment Office, Mannarkkad is situated in Mini Civil Station, Mannarkkad.
  • Town Employment Office, Shornur is situated in Sulu Palace, Post Office Road, Shornur.

List Of Offices and Contact Details

OFFICE Phone No. E-Mail ID
District Employment Office, Palakkad 0491-2505204 deepkd[dot]emp[dot]lbr@kerala[dot]gov[dot]in
Town Employment Office, Chittur 0492-3224297 teechtr[dot]emp[dot]lbr@kerala[dot]gov[dot]in
Town Employment Office, Alathur 0492-2222309 teealtr[dot]emp[dot]lbr@kerala[dot]gov[dot]in
Town Employment Office, Mannarkkad 0492-4222508 teemkd[dot]emp[dot]lbr@kerala[dot]gov[dot]in
Town Employment Office, Shornur 0466-2224333 teeshnr[dot]emp[dot]lbr@kerala[dot]gov[dot]in