Other Departments


List of Various Departmenets Involved in District Administration and Public Services of Palakkad
Sl. No Name Of
Office Address Email-ID Phone
1 Agriculture The Principal Agricultural Officer, Palakkad paopkd@gmail[dot]com 04912505075
2 Soil Conservation District Soil Conservation Officer, Palakkad dscopkd@rediffmail[dot]com 04912505860
3 Animal Husbandry District Animal Husbandry Officer, V.H Road,
dahopkd[dot]ker@nic[dot]in 04912520297
4 Dairy Development Deputy Director, Dairy Devlopment, Palakkad dydpalakkad@gmail[dot]com 04912505137
5 Fisheries Deputy Director of Fisheries, Malampuzha, Palakkad ddfpkd@gmail[dot]com 04912815245
6 DFO, Palakkad Divisional Forest Officer, Olavakkode, Palakkad dfopkd@gmail[dot]com 04912555156
7 DFO, Nenmmara Divisional Forest Officer, Nenmmara, Palakkad dfo-nenmara[dot]for@kerala[dot]gov[dot]in 04923243179
8 DFO, Mannarkkad Divisional Forest Officer, Mannarkkad, Palakkad dfomannarkkad@gmail[dot]com 04924222574
9 Social Forestry Asst.Conservator of Forest, Social Forestry,
Olavakkode, palakkad
acf[dot]sf-plkd[dot]for@kerala[dot]gov[dot]in 04912555521
10 Wild Life Wild Life Warden, Parambikulam parambikulamsanctuary
11 Poverty Alleviation Unit The Project Director, Poverty alliviation Unit,
drdapopkd@gmail[dot]com 9447575912
12 NREGS The Joint Programme Officer, NREGS, DRDA,
jpcnregspkd@gmail[dot]com 04912505859
13 Local Self Govt. Asst.Development Commissioner(G), Palakkad adcgeneralpkd@gmail[dot]com 04912505336
14 Local Self Govt. Deputy Director of Panchayath, Palakkad ddppkd[dot]lsg@kerala[dot]gov[dot]in 04912505199
15 Local Self Govt. The Secretary, District Panchayath, Palakkad dptpkd@gmail[dot]com 04912505638
16 Town Planning
The Town Planner, Palakkad tcpdpkd@gmail[dot]com 04912505882
17 Co-operation Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies(General),
jrgpkd@coop[dot]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in 04912505836
18 Irrigation Exe.Engineer, Irrigation, Malampuzha executiveengineermalampuzha@gmail[dot]com 04912815111
19 Irrigation Exe.Engineer, Irrigation, Chittur chitturdivision@yahoo[dot]com 04923222378
20 Irrigation The, Kanjirappuzha eekpipdivision1@gmail[dot]com 04923222378
21 Minor Irrigation The Exe.Engineer, Minor Irrigation, College Road,
eemipalakkad@gmail[dot]com 04912522808
22 KSEB, Palakkad The Exe.Engineer, Kerala State Electricity Board,
eednpkd1@gmail[dot]com 04912536859
23 KSEB, Chittur The Exe.Engineer, Kerala State Electricity Board,
eechtr@gmail[dot]com 0491222271
24 KSEB, Shornur The Exe.Engineer, Kerala State Electricity Board,
eeshoranur@gmail[dot]com 04662220577
25 KSEB, Alathur The Exe.Engineer, Kerala State Electricity Board,
eeednalr3@gmail[dot]com 04922226295
26 KSEB,
The Exe.Engineer, Kerala State Electricity Board,
eeednmkd@gmail[dot]com 9446008320
27 KSEB, Pattambi The Exe.Engineer, Kerala State Electricity Board,
edpattambi@gmail[dot]com 04662214660
28 DIC General Manager, District Industries Centre,
dicpkd@gmail[dot]com 04912505385
29 PWD, Road The Exe.Engineer, PWD Roads, Palakkad eerbpkd@pwd[dot]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in 04912505565
30 PWD, Building The Exe.Engineer, PWD Buildings, Palakkad eeblpkd@gmail[dot]com 04912505895
31 Education Deputy Director of Education, Palakkad ddepkd@gmail[dot]com 04912505469
32 DMO, Health District Medical Officer(Health), Palakkad palakkaddmo@gmail[dot]com 04912505189
33 DMO, ISM District Medical Officer (ISM), Near Head Post Office, Palakkad dmoismpkd@gmail[dot]com 04912544296
34 DMO, Homoeo District Medical Officer (Homoeo), Chathapuram,
dmohomoeopkd1@gmail[dot]com 04912576355
35 Kerala Water
The Exe.Engineer, Kerala Water Authority,
P.H Division, Palakkad
eephpalakkadkwa@gmail[dot]com 04912545027
36 KWA, Shornur The Exe.Engineer, Kerala Water Authority,
P.H Division, Shornur
kwaphdsrr@gmail[dot]com 04662223264
37 SC Development District Development Officer of Scheduled Caste,
District Development office of Scheduled Caste,
scddpkd@gmail[dot]com 04912505005
38 ST Development Project Officer, ITDP, Agali P.O, Attapady poitdpatpy@gmail[dot]com 04924254382
39 ST Development Tribal Development Officer, Palakkad pkdtdo@gmail[dot]com 04912505383
40 Social Justice District Social Justice Officer, Palakkad dsjopkdswd@gmail[dot]com 04912505791
41 ICDS The Programme Officer, District ICDS Cell, Palakkad popkdicdscell@gmail[dot]com 04912505780
42 Civil Supplies District Supply Officer, Palakkad dsopkd@gmail[dot]com 04912505541
43 SC/ST Corporation The Regional Manager,
Kerala State SC/ST Development Corporation,
Ninans Complex, Mettupalayam
ksdcpkd@gmail[dot]com 04912544411
44 Wild Life Wild Life Warden, SilentValley Division, Mannarkkad mail@silentvalley[dot]gov[dot]in 04924422056
45 Employment Office The District Employment Officer, Palakkad deepkd[dot]emp[dot]lbr@kerala[dot]gov[dot]in 04912505204
46 SSA District Project officer,
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan(S. S.A), Palakkad
palakkadssa@gmail[dot]com 04912505995
47 Kudumbashree District Mission Co-ordinator Kudumbashree dmcpkd@gmail[dot]com 04912505627
48 Police
District Police Chief, Palakkad spplkd[dot]pol@kerala[dot]gov[dot]in 04912534011
49 District Planning
District Planning Officer, palakkad dpopkd@gmail[dot]com 04912505350
50 CADA Executive Engineer, CADA, Palakkad cadakandnp@gmail[dot]com 04912503943