Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary: (98 km from Palakkad) Sprawled across 285, the Parambikulam Wildlife sanctuary is home to many rare wild animals. The tree house in the reserve forest area in Thunakkadavu has to be booked in advance. One of the oldest and the largest teak trees in the world can be seen here. The Kannimara Teak with a girth of 6.57 m and a height of 48.5m, said to be around 360 years old, is a remnant of the wild teak that grew in this area which now houses cultivated teak plantations. Boating/cruising facilities are available at the Parambikulam Reservoir. The Rest Houses of the State Forest Department at Thunakkadavu, Illikkal and Anappady offer accommodation.
Permitting authority : Divisional Forest Officer, Parambikulam, Thunakkadavu. Phone : 04253277233, 9447979102